Reebok-CCM Prepare to Launch New Helmet in Early 2014

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Reebok-CCM Hockey are looking to add a game changing product to their line-up in the near future. With a scheduled release in early 2014, Reebok-CCM will be releasing a new helmet to the market. This helmet will be one of the products produced as a result of their strategic research partnership with the University of Ottawa.

Utilizing the University of Ottawa’s rotational impact testing protocol, Reebok-CCM has developed a helmet more likely to manage rotational impacts. While no helmet can completely prevent a concussion, the more research gone into things like rotational impact will give us a better idea on how to manage them.

For more information on the new 2014 helmet, check out the info below straight from Reebok-CCM Hockey. Be sure to drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on the new 2014 Reebok-CCM helmet as well.


Reebok-CCM Hockey, one of the top manufacturers of ice hockey apparel and equipment, continues its efforts to set the standard for safety by investing in research and development with the esteemed University of Ottawa. With innovative products set to launch in 2014, including a new helmet, safety remains a clear focus for the company. The partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory allows Reebok-CCM Hockey to test their helmet technologies through the use of U of O’s rotational impact testing protocol.

“We understand the value of investing in institutions like the University of Ottawa and that is precisely why we signed an exclusive agreement with them in 2011,” says Reebok-CCM Global Vice President of Marketing Sean Williams. “They are a leader in brain trauma impact research, so having them as a partner has allowed us to validate new innovations and technologies with hockey player safety in mind.”

“We have worked very hard to cement ourselves as a leader in brain trauma testing in the world,” said Blaine Hoshizaki, Director of the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory at the University of Ottawa. “The partnership with Reebok-CCM has resulted in the creation of some incredibly innovative products and the best is yet to come.”

Set to launch in early 2014, Reebok-CCM will introduce a helmet including a new innovative technology that will be the only one on the market to have been designed and tested using rotational impact protocol.


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