Easton Mako M8 Skates

Next Month, Easton will not only be releasing the Mako II skates, but they will also be adding another skate at a lower price point. With a release date of June 20th, the Easton Mako M8 skates will offer many of the fine features which are found on Easton’s premier skate, but at a more affordable price point of only $599.99.

The Easton Mako M8 skates offer a nice look to them, primarily black and grey with a few orange accents which really pop against the darker colors. The quarter package will be made of reinforced fiberglass composite. Just like the other Mako skates, this one will also react very well to heat molding to allow a more customized fit around your foot.

The Mako M8 skates will also utilize the asymmetrical quarter package heights. This means that the inside edges of the quarter package are 5mm taller to provide increased support while turning or cutting. The outside edges will be 5mm shorter in order to provide a full extension during the toe snap portion of your stride.

Inside the boot, Easton will offer a hydrophobic microfiber liner, great for comfortability and wicking moisture away. Ankle padding has been improved since the original Mako, and the soft foam pads on the Mako M8 skates will help to prevent the “Mako Bumps.”

Easton has utilized a white felt tongue on the Mako M8 skates which has an injected plastic metatarsal guard to help protect your feet from impacts or lace bite. The new OrthoLite footbed will make an appearance as well. It is designed to offer strategic support as well as comfortable cushioning. It also has properties to make it more breathable, and can be washed as well.

Beneath the boot you’ll find a fiberglass and thermoplastic resin outsole. This will help the Mako M8 skates to maximize your energy transfer on each stride. The M8 skates will also utilize Easton’s CXN holder. This holder is a bit taller to provide an aggressive turning radius. The CXN holder comes standard with ES4 stainless steel runners which carry a 9′ radius.

The Easton Mako M8 skates will be available in retail stores on June 20th. You can pre-order your pair now from Ice Warehouse for only $599.99.

Drop us a note in the comments and let us know what you think of the new Easton Mako M8 skates. Will you pick up a pair this summer?

Easton Mako M8 Skates


  1. I got these skates before they came out on the 7th of June from my local hockey shop. There demo display pair was in my size so they let me buy them

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