2014 Hockey Gear Holiday Gift Guide

With the 2014 holiday shopping season getting ready to take off, I wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite products from 2014. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the hockey player in your life, check out some of the inspiration below.

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CCM Tacks Stick – $259.99 – Buy Now!

CCM Tacks Stick

The CCM Tacks stick is easily one of the best sticks we’ve ever used. It offers incredible puck feel, and the performance is through the roof. This fused one-piece stick offers a mid-kick flex profile, and is great for players who want a powerful and effortless shot.


Colt 2 Stick – $289.99 – Buy Now!

Colt 2 Stick

The Colt 2 brings power plus durability to your hands. It’s said to be the toughest stick on the market and made to last – especially good for grinding, digging in the corners and delivering explosive shots. Also comes in a “Raw” flavor with an uncoated blade for better feel.


STX Stallion 500 Stick – $259.99

STX Stallion 500 Stick


The popular lacrosse company entered the hockey market with the STX Stallion 500 not long ago. It’s been a dandy to use and is a solid pick up for the holidays.


Bauer Nexus 8000 Skates – $749.99 – Buy Now!

Bauer Nexus 8000 Skates

The Nexus 8000 skates offer remarkable fit, top end materials and of course top end performance. They’re also priced $100 cheaper than Bauer’s other top end skates, making them a great gift for any serious and competitive hockey player.


CCM Tacks 6052 Skates – $529.99 – Buy Now!

CCM Tacks 6052 Skates

A more modest price point, but still a pair of skates designed for the competitive player. The tacks line was also designed to offer the quickest first five steps in hockey, and these skates are definitely no slouch when it comes to acceleration.


Bauer Supreme 170 skates – $299.99 – Buy Now!

Bauer Supreme 170 Skates


Bauer’s Supreme 170 skates come in at a terrific price point for what you get. It uses some really good materials and is perfect for anyone from a beer league player looking for more out of their skates, or a competitive player who doesn’t want to spend top dollar on a new pair of skates.


Roller Hockey

Mission Inhaler DS1 – $649.99 – Buy Now!

Mission Inhaler DS1 Skates

The best roller hockey skates on the market have taken a turn for the dark side. There are slight improvements compared to the previous version, but it’s hard to improve upon a product that’s already a market leader.


Alkali RPD Team+ Skates – $299.99 – Buy Now!

Alkali RPD Team + Skates

Alkali is known for having one of the most form fitting skates on the market, so you can be confident you’re going to get a great fit. They also pack as many features as they can to each price point. The RPD Team+ skates are a great example of a budget skate with awesome features.


Alkali RPD Max Grip Stick – $199.99 – Buy Now!

Alkali RPD Max Stick

Alkali has designed this stick specifically for roller hockey, rather than ice. It has unique features, and is made by True Temper who makes the A6.0 and A5.2 sticks we reviewed, both of which are incredible.


Mission Inhaler DS1 Hockey Gloves – $149.99 – Buy Now!

Mission Inhaler DS1 Gloves

These top end gloves from Mission offer incredible breathability and the perfect amount of protection. If you’re looking for a stay dry glove while playing roller hockey, these should be something you consider.


Mission Inhaler DS3 Pants – $69.99 – Buy Now!

Mission Inhaler DS3 Pants

These pants from Mission Hockey are simple and straight to the point. They look good, offer solid features, and are available at a good price. There’s really no need to step to a higher price point than this in the Mission pant line.



Mammoth IPA Player Bag – $220 – Buy Now!

Mammoth IPA Hockey Bag

The Mammoth IPA player bag is a boss inside and out. It’s made from great materials that will last you a long time. Consider this to potentially be the last beer league hockey bag you own.


Proformance Wax – $9.99 – Buy Now!

ProFormance Wax

This is the best wax that I’ve ever used. Keeps your blade from building up with snow, and helps your tape job as well. Solid stocking stuffer for any ice hockey player!


Bauer Performance Protective Sock – $39.99 – Buy Now!

Bauer Performance Protective Skate Sock


Whether you’re in the beer leagues, or playing competitive hockey growing up, the fact is that we all need to wake up the next day and go about our day. Don’t be Erik Karlsson, keep yourself protected with a pair of these Bauer socks. Plus, the incorporate new 37.5 technology so you’re feet will remain dry throughout play.


Bauer 37.5 Training Shirt – $39.99 – Buy Now!

Bauer Performance Shirt

This training shirt is just what you need to keep yourself cool and dry while busting out another workout in the gym. Bauer’s 37.5 technology is super light weight and also offers anti-odor properties.


For more great gift ideas, check out Ice Warehouse or Inline Warehouse. They’re offering great sale prices and loads of gear so you can stock up over the holidays!


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