CCM Ribcor 50K Skates

CCM Ribcor 50K skates are now available!

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The latest version of the CCM Ribcor skates are a nice upgrade from the Reebok Ribcor skates released last year, and have a new features besides the CCM branding.

CCM’s Ribcor skates will feature the Ribcor elite quarter package/core. This will include enhanced pro ribbed reinforcement harness flexion in order to give you maximum power. The heat moldable flexcore will also help to provide a great fit along with maximum comfort and reactiveness.

Of course the CCM Ribcor skates wouldn’t be complete without the Pump technology. This new enhanced pump is their most efficient to date. It will offer a more personalized fit and advanced comfort for every player.

On the front, you’ll find CCM’s new TriGuard tongue. This tongue will be lightweight and feature enhanced lace bite protection for additional comfort.

Inside the boot, the senior version of the CCM Ribcor 50k skates will come with a dual zone liner utilizing tacky nash and clarino. The junior version will feature duratex grip and nash for the dual zone liner. These materials will be used to help keep the foot dry while also enhancing heel lock with maximum durability at the top eyelets.

Beneath the boot, the CCM Ribcor 50k skates will utilize a lightweight composite midsole, as well as a lightweight carbon composite outsole. Both are great for maximizing energy transfer with each stride. The Griptonite footbed will help to keep your foot locked in place while skating as well.

CCM will be using their SpeedBlade 4.0 holder on the Ribcor skates, allowing for an increased angle of attack and improving cornering. The SpeedBlade Black runner will be used as well. It has been treated in order to provide a longer edge life, as well as to resist corrosion. Plus, it looks stealthy and awesome.

Check out the upcoming CCM Ribcor 50k skates below and be sure to look for David Perron wearing his white version of the skates. The white version will not be available for retail in 2015, but we’ve heard it will be available to purchase in 2016.

The CCM Ribcor skates are scheduled for release this Spring.


  1. April 24 will be the release date for the 50k black version only.If you want the White version it is available in Custom Fit and Retail will be in 2016.

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