Tour Code 1 Gloves

Along with the all new Code 1 skates, Tour Hockey will be introducing the all new Tour Code 1 gloves this year.

The all new Tour Code 1 gloves will bring features never before seen in Tour hockey gloves before. One of the biggest features is the all new Flowcool technology. This new technology features strategically placed venting on the back of the hand to improve airflow and help with heat dispersion. This will help the Code 1 gloves to dry three times faster than previous Tour gloves. A new perforated synthetic leather palm will also help to increase airflow, keeping you comfortable all game long. Inside the glove, you will find an anti-microbial and moisture wicking liner working hard to keep you comfortable and dry as well.

The Tour Code 1 gloves will also feature a new contoured fit called FusionFit. Their ContourMax segmented design will follow your natural hand shape and motion to provide improved comfort and a better fit. The Code 1 gloves will feature an articulated stretch thumb with improved mobility and rotation as well. The design can best be described as a hybrid between a lacrosse glove and hockey glove, something that should provide a great benefit to roller hockey players.

While the gloves offer a great fit and outstanding mobility, protection was not overlooked on the Tour Code 1 gloves. Dual-density high impact foams were used throughout the glove to offer great protection against slashes and other hits to the hand. Hard plastic inserts were also used in the glove in key areas such as the fingers, backhand, and thumb, in order to provide reinforced protection.

The all new Tour Code 1 gloves will be released later this year and will be available at Check out the picture below of the Code 1 gloves and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Tour Code 1 Gloves

Tour Code 1 Hockey Gloves

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