Mission NLS1 Inhaler Gloves

Mission Hockey is back with an updated version of their popular Inhaler gloves which they will call the Mission NLS1 Inhaler gloves. The new NLS1 Inhaler gloves will feature some cool technology, so let’s take a look at what they will offer.

The most prominent feature of the new Mission NLS1 Inhaler gloves will be the inhaler technology. This roller specific technology provides maximum ventilation along with lightweight performance. It will work to help keep your hands cool and dry throughout all of your games on that hot indoor rink.

The Mission NLS1 Inhaler gloves also come with a grip reaper palm. The palm is made of a super stretchy material which is also incredibly soft, providing amazing comfort, puck feel, and impressive durability.

On the backhand of the NLS1 Inhaler gloves, you will find advanced perforated foams to maximize air flow, all the while keeping you protected from slashes or incidental contact.

Mission NLS1 Inhaler gloves also feature a customizable Mission logo on the cuff. Each pair of gloves comes with three different logo colors that you can swap out to match the look of your team.

The all new Mission NLS1 Inhaler gloves will be released later this year. They will be available in only one color scheme, black with white accents.

Check out the NLS1 Inhaler gloves below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts! For more information on the new Mission line, check out the NLS1 skates and the NLS1 pants.

Mission NLS1 Inhaler Gloves

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