Copper Joint Compression Calf Sleeve Review

Whether you are playing hockey, training for a half marathon or sitting at a desk from 9-5, the use of a compression sleeve on your legs can have several health benefits.

We previously had the opportunity to review Copper Joint’s Compression Knee Sleeve last month and today we are reviewing the calf sleeve.

To provide some background, I’ve dealt with muscle spasms and cramping with my calves for quite some time. This was a great opportunity to try an alternative method of keeping my muscles loose while enjoying physical activity.

Here is the product description from the Copper Joint website:

There’s nothing like your calves feeling good, is there? With these exceptional Copper-infused compression calf sleeves, your calves will be embraced in healing, supporting warmth. Muscle aches, sore calves, strains, aches, and pains will all feel better as blood flow is improved and healing is encouraged. You can wear these all day and all night, and your calves will feel like a million bucks, whether you’re running a marathon or spending the day weeding your garden.

The best part is the high quality fabric that’s copper infused with our patented process. These calve sleeves are durable, light weight, and won’t slip or bunch up while walking. They’re great for everyday use, and look as good as they feel.

Made of high-quality, performance fabrics with true copper ions bound to the fibers during our patented manufacturing process, the calf sleeve is breathable, stretchable and can be worn for several hours during activity without problem.


I had the opportunity to test the sleeve on several occasions over the last month. Alternating between my left and right legs depending on which needed it more, I mostly wore it under my shin guards while playing and officiating hockey, but I also had the chance to wear it at work where I sit at a desk for most of the day. It perhaps got most of its use while officiating. I officiated six games in a tournament last weekend and wore it for all six games. Four of those six were consecutive, so I wore the sleeve between a base layer and shin guards for close to six hours straight. I felt that it did a great job of preventing my left calf from tightening up, which has been a problem in the past. I’ve had spasms so severe in the past, that I would massage it between games to keep it from preventing me from skating up and down the ice.

I could say that I’ve seen similar results while playing. Some inline hockey players have concerns about having too many layers on under their uniform due to the warm temperature of rinks, but I did not experience any problems leading my leg to sweat more. While wearing it at work, I didn’t feel much discomfort with it. It honestly felt no different than wearing a tube sock under my slacks.

Overall, I’ve been satisfied using the calf sleeve. I only had one sleeve to try out and I would love to wear a second sleeve on the other leg to have a comparison at the same time. They also work perfectly with their knee sleeve if you desire extra compression and copper support for those pain and strains.


The calf sleeve is currently available on their website for $16.97.

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