Bauer Supreme One70 Skate Review

Bauer Supreme One70 Skate

Summer is here and it is hot outside. What better time than now to think about the nice and cold game of ice hockey? Even better, how about a new pair of skates? That’s just what I did and here is my first review of the Bauer Supreme One70 skate.

There are a lot of products out there when it comes to ice skates. Skates range in level of play, weight, look and feel, and, of course, price. The Supreme One70 happens to fall in that mid-price point for intermediate to advanced level play.

To me, fit is the most important part of a skate. This is, however, not to be confused with lower end skates that tend to have less support that allows the foot to move, instead of a moldable inside that truly holds your heel and foot in place. The Supreme line is designed for players with a wider toe box, in comparison to the Vapor APX having the traditional standard fit.

Level of play can be misleading when reviewing hockey equipment. At one end of the spectrum, we may think we are better than what we are, so does the top of the line skate really what we need? Or, perhaps we are getting into the game, so does that mean you should get the cheapest pair you can find? Choosing a mid-level skate not only offers some of the higher end technology and features, but it also offers the durability that we all love.

The specs on the skate are pretty dazzling when you read all that has gone into it. Hydrophobic grip liner, superfit footbed with stabilizer grip, and the list goes on. Simplifying the lingo, the skate is lightweight, has a good snug fit in the heal and a wider opening in the toe box than most skates, a durable fiber composite outside of skate, and a pretty sweet looking design.

The price point for some players may seem a little high at $299.99, but when you think about it, it’s not that bad. A skate should last you for at least two years, and you want something that does not hurt your feet, and something that feels like an extension of your leg.

My ice skating has been limited, still wrapping up a roller season. So far, I couldn’t be any happier. From the moment I tried on the Bauer Supreme One 70’s I knew they were the right ones for me. Like I said, how it feels on your foot is huge, and the Supreme One70 fits like a glove sock. As for performance, as Matt also noted with his new pair of CCM U+10‘s, with higher end skates you can really feel the transfer of energy from your stride to the ice. This is because of the stiffness of the boot. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and look forward to putting it through some testing to see what exactly I am capable of doing with the skate. Hopefully a few sick dangles.

Interested in the technology put into Bauer hockey skates? Check out our interview with Ken Covo, Bauer Senior Director of Research and Development.


  1. I have the one70’s i love them. THey are super comfortable and light. Great Skate. i even want to convert a pair into roller skates.

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