Bauer Supreme One40 Hockey Pants Review

So if you have not noticed, I kind of went on a new equipment binge. My old stuff was, well… old, plus it gives me an opportunity to review new equipment for you the readers. So far I have reviewed the Bauer Supreme One70 Skate, Bauer Supreme One40 Hockey Gloves and the Blue Ice Nano Pro Hockey Stick. I’m thinking Bauer should sign me to a contract instead of Ovechkin, what do you think?

Next on my list to review is the Bauer Supreme One40 Hockey Pants. With a price tag of $55.95 at Ice Warehouse, it is the entry level hockey pant within the Bauer Supreme line.

A pant is a pant, but still there are some things about this that make this stand out a little bit.┬áThe Supreme line is a traditional fit, one that has a little bagginess to it opposed to that of like the Vapor line. The spine protector pops with it’s Supreme yellow against an all black pant, as well as the long laces can give you an Ovechkin look.

The pant itself is pretty basic, it being the entry pant and all. A spine protector, 2 piece thigh pad, rear leg pad as well as a tailbone pad. So, in short, you’re pretty much covered everywhere you need to be.

I’ve been happy so far with my purchase with a few exceptions. I purchased a large based on the sizing and have found the waist clip needs to be tightened all the way to make sure it stays on my hips. To aid in making sure it does not fall off, I ended up purchasing some old man suspenders. Sure they’re not the greatest of look, but they do the trick. Also, because the waist is not as tight as I would like, I then tie my laces rather tight. Unfortunately I have already ripped out the top two eyelets.

Despite the sizing issues, which it very well could be that a more snug Bauer Vapor X20 Hockey Pants for a few bucks cheaper might have been the route for me, I am quite happy with the pants. An eyelet doesn’t mean much to me as I can tell the pants are made of quality material and will last me for quite a while. The look is nice, the feel is nice, and it is not restricting at all. As a matter of fact, the pants offer the ability to unzip the inside of your legs about 2 to 3 inches. For me this comes into play while getting dressed and sticking my socks to my jock, but for some who really like a loose fit, they have the ability to skate with it unzipped.

Overall I would recommend the Bauer Supreme One40 Hockey Pants with one exception, make sure the looser fit is for you, otherwise go for the Bauer Vapor line.

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