Stealth 75S Skates

Easton Stealth 75S Skates

There is a lot of focus on the upcoming Easton Mako skates, but let’s not ignore the fact that Easton will be releasing a whole series of Stealth skates this spring.

In the past, we’ve covered the Easton Stealth RS skates, and even the Stealth 85S skates. With those out of the way, let’s look at the Stealth 75S skates which will be coming soon.

The Easton Stealth 75S skates will come in at a mid level price point, and provide great features for an experienced skater who doesn’t want to spend a ton of a new pair of skates.

Easton’s Stealth 75S skates will be constructed using a molded thermoformable quarter package allowing for a precise fit. The low profile outsole is going to come with Dry Flow technology. This is Easton’s way of saying you’re going to have a couple of ventilation holes to allow warm air and moisture to escape. Not only that, but these are going to provide a bit of assistance when it comes to your skates and footbeds drying out after a skate. this is going to help keep your things dry during games, and also help your skates stay dry afterwards.

Beneath the boot, the Stealth 75S skates will use Easton’s Razor Bladz II holder. While I have never personally used this holder, I’m told it has a more aggressive pitch. The 75S skates will also come stock with Easton’s stainless steel Elite Runners.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of skates at a decent price, you way want to check these guys out. The Stealth 75S skates from Easton should be hitting retail shelves in the next couple months.

Check out the picture below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Would you upgrade your skates to the new Easton Stealth 75S?

Easton Stealth 75S Skates





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  1. JOEY Avatar

    I bought these and the eyelets pulled out by the third skate. Poor quality.

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