Bauer Supreme TotalONE Hockey Gloves Review

With all the talk of the upcoming Bauer Nexus 600 LE Limited Edition Skates and the Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition Skates, I thought it would be a good time to review my newest purchase; Bauer Supreme TotalONE hockey gloves. I believe there are 4 gear purchases worth buying at or near the top-of-the-line: a helmet to protect your head from injury, skates for a stiffer boot to have better transfer of energy, a stick to put it where the peanut butter goes, and gloves to have the feel to pull of sick dangles and tape-to-tape passes. So, without further-ado, here is my review of the TotalONE gloves.

Specs: Bauer Supreme TotalONE Hockey Gloves, White/ Black, 14 inches

Price: $149.99

Modifications: None

Appearance and Design: Varying from the 4-roll design, the TotalONE glove focuses on anatomical feel. The glove is made of dual density foam with MAX-SORB technology. The thumb has a 3-piece free flex while the shell is made of a lightweight stretch matrix nylon. The palm is a Nubuck Palm with Gecko Nash overlay.

Looks are as classy and flashy as any other glove depending on your color preference. Solid colors for a more traditional looking glove or a two-tone with white accents for a little more flash. The white accents remind me of a skeleton of the hands, somewhat piecing the bones of the fingers.

The glove has BAUER proudly written across the top of the wrist and a MAX SORB bubble between the thumb and the pointer. The palm has brown leather and a grey mesh for increased durability.

Fit and Feel: As stated previously, the TotalONE glove varies from the 4-roll design with the focus being an anatomical fit. Opposed to a wide inside, the glove is snug to your knuckles allowing for a close to the hand feel. Further more, the interior back of the hand padding is comprised of memory foam, providing a personalized, 3-dimensional fit. Think of the fancy pillows claiming the best night sleep of your life on the back of your hand. The glove does however open up to allow for maneuverability of your wrist. Sticking with the anatomical focus, the glove rotates the hand in such a way for a proper feel that not only fits well, allows for good performance.

Loss of feel is of no concern with this glove as it lives up to its top-of-the-line selling point. From day one while skating with the new gloves I did not notice any loss of feel that typically comes with moving from one glove to another. Sure I came from the Bauer Supreme ONE40 gloves which is of the same family, but with price points being polar opposites, you can safely say it is an entire new glove.

The fit and feel is truthfully an anatomical one that puts your hand in the proper position. Having an average slap shot, I noticed the glove forcing my hand into a certain position that feels like it is improving my slap shot power and accuracy. A big plus from jumping to a low end glove to a top end one is that when you do wind up for one of those big slap shots, the recoil from the stick is lessened in a higher end of glove. Of course, this anatomical fit also assist with all shots and passes. One thing to note, some wearers prefer cutting the strip holding the thumb to the thumb guard which would allow for more free range of motion. I have not done so as I have not noticed any restriction, but is an option.

Durability and Protection: Being the top-of-the-line product you would hope that durability as well as protection is of no concern. Living up to its product point, the glove has the roper design in place for for both durability and protection.
The skin is made of a lightweight stretch matrix nylon that moves with the glove and has the ability to take a slash an not tear. The palm is made of a Nubuck Palm layer with soft, subtle feel for total control while the Gecko Nash provides increased durability in the parts that are used more.

Bauer Hockey touts their Max-SORB protection. BAUER’s 2nd generation MAX-SORB premium impact technology is strategically placed in high impact areas to provide better protection. The MAX-SORB protection has your initial base layer of the glove, then the Poron XD Foam, and finally an impact gel on top. The impact gel is a thicker taking the bulk of the blow while the Poron XD Foam is a little softer, allowing the foam to absorb the impact and deaden the blow.

Overall Impressions: So far I am extremely happy with the purchase of the Bauer Supreme ToalONE hockey gloves. Coming from the lower end Bauer Supreme ONE40’s to the top-of-the-line gloves is always a good step to take. The gloves look nice, feel even better with their anatomical focus all while providing me with a fit that improves my overall feel and play. Friends have tried them on and instantly notice the the snug fit on the knuckles yet with free range of motion on the wrist offers and excellent feel and maneuverability. The new Bauer Supreme line of skates are coming out making it a year away from the gloves coming down even more, but at $149.99 they are still priced at a point that will not break the bank.


    • I know what you are saying. I’m more of a plain glove guy too but messed up. White/Black is different than Black/White. But, they’re not as flashy as you think. Still, a darker 1-tone would be nicer.

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