NHL Draft: 10 late-round steals with a big NHL impact


Having the first overall draft pick in the NHL Entry Draft clearly has its perks, especially when that top picks ends up being a player like Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane or Steve Stamkosā€”all of whom are former first overall draft picks. But, there are also plenty of success stories of players selected in the later rounds who turned into elite players.

With the NHL trade deadline quickly approaching, there will be an abundance of draft picks changing hands in exchange for players that will help bolster the depth and talent of a playoff contender looking to go deep in the postseason. While it’s difficult to see the long-term value of a third, fourth, or even fifth-round or later draft pick, it’s important to remember that those picks are capable of turning into elite talent and Future Hall of Famers. Here are 10 late-round steals from the NHL Entry Draft that went on to become some of the best players to play in the NHL.

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